Téa will be taking part in a new virtual event on behalf of UNICEF USA called Changemaker 2020 – A Benefit for Children. The event is taking place on Tuesday 1st December at 8 PM ET and will feature performances by Pink and Liam Payne as well as appearances by many different celebrities.

You can read more information about the event here – tickets start at $100 for access to the event. Unfortunately, we will be unable to attend however we hope that the event is a huge success and raises lots of money for those children who are in need.

You can catch the TV premiere of UNICEF Won’t Stop tonight on MSNBC at 10pm EDT if you missed it the first time or just feel like watching it again! Don’t forget to donate at 


As you all know on Saturday Night UNICEF held a huge online virtual event to raise awareness and raise money amid the chaos of COVID19. TeaLeoniTribe – a passionate and positive twitter account organised a virtual watch party with many Téa fans and I’m proud to announce that together, they raised $450 for UNICEF.

They also created a very powerful and important youtube video about Téa’s work with UNICEF over the years, please watch and enjoy!

The live stream will start here at 1AM BST (8pm EST)


Source published an article / interview with Téa and Erich ahead of the special UNICEF Won’t Stop event due to go ahead on Saturday 9th May. I’ve posted here the excerpts that include Téa. If you wish to read the article as a whole. please click on the source link at the bottom of this post.


“It’s super exciting, as much work as it is, the opportunity to give back. I look out my window here in New York and I see all of these people with their masks on, standing six feet apart and I feel honored to be able to participate. This event really was born out of wanting to celebrate and honor all that everybody around the world is doing to protect each other and save lives,” Leoni told Variety over the phone on Thursday, added that she hopes the event can be soothing for audiences.

“This is a really big undertaking,” Leoni said, praising Bergen’s efforts. “I am incredibly impressed by what he’s endeavoring to do and, in fact, now what I can say we’re going to do. What’s been fun has been connecting with friends and being able to say to them. ‘Look, I want your joy, I want your song that will celebrate this [moment].’”

Leoni also shares a lifelong connection to UNICEF, carrying on a family tradition after her grandmother Helenka Pantaleoni co-founded UNICEF USA in 1947 and served as its president for 25 years. Her father Anthony Pantaleoni served as the Board Chair at the organization.

Speaking of the 1979 Music for UNICEF concert, she recalled, “My grandmother met Rod Stewart, because he was donating proceeds from ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?’ She came back and she told me, ‘Oh yes, I met this tremendously energetic, beautiful man who performed for us.’ I said ‘Who?,’ and she said ‘Rod Stewart.’ And I said ‘What? You met Rod Stewart and you didn’t tell me!’”

“We have had a long involvement with the organization and I know that my grandmother would be very proud of all of us,” Leoni added, when asked what she thinks her grandmother would make of this special event. “And I don’t mean all of us, our family. I mean if she were looking out her window today, the way that we all now are this global community and taking care of each other. That would impress her the most I think.”


Têa will be taking part in a special online event; UNICEF Won’t Stop – taking place on Saturday May 9th 2020 at 8PM ET (7PM Central, 5PM PT and 1AM for any other UK’ers) It’s shaping up to be a huge charity stream with appearance from all sorts of different talent including the exclusive premiere of Cher’s new music video for her single Chiquitita. You can watch the live stream here on the night.

Téa’s co-star, Erich Bergen has produced the event.



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